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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V, MT4G memory stick, cleaner, and case.

My husband and I purchased the above listed products from Four Seasons Electronics on 8600 Vineland Ave. #103. The salesmen sold us products for $800, but they were worth only around $400. While we were purchasing the items, we pulled up a quote on our IPhone and showed the salesmen the listed price from the Sony store. He lied to us and said that it was last year's model on the site and his was newer. This was untrue. We called the Sony store and verified the items and returned to the store with the information and he refused to make any changes even though he was proven wrong. He said that the store has a no return or exchange policy we only found that out after the purchase. He also said he accessed our Sony account just to make us believe they are affiliated with Sony, but it was just another lie. We went back to the store to talk to the salesmen who sold us the camera and learned from the manager that they rotate their salespeople everyday. I just see the complexities you need to operate your crooked business… They said they are Sony authorized dealer and that their prices are the same as the Sony stile store and under that assumption we bought from them. What can I do to get my money back? I haven't used any of the products because I want to return it.


Monetary Loss: $800.

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I want to amend my prior entry after a bad experience turned into a reasonable outcome. After my son made a purchase under a pressured situation in which I thought was an unfair price, he was told he could not return because of no return policy.

After I was unsuccessful with the store in fixing the situation I submitted formal complaints to multiple organizations. I then received a phone call from one of the partners of the company and he was able to explain the reasoning for the store policy. He was not involved in any of my prior communications I made with the store.

He apologized for the misunderstanding and promptly refunded the full amount when all the purchased items were returned. I was satisfied and appreciative of the outcome.


This merchant inflates prices 200-400%. They are deceitful, lying thieves.

They prey on vulnerable unsuspecting customers. My 19 y/o son was charged over $400 dollars for electronics which you could purchase for around $100 at Best Buy. They use pressure sales techniques, give incorrect information and try to confuse the customer of the real price. Once you get home and find out how bad you were scammed you will really be in for a surprise.

What they don't tell you is that all sales are final and there are no returns. But you don't find this out until you have exchanged currency and receive the receipt. I would stay away from this merchant because I believe bad things are happening behind closed doors.

No worries as I have already contacted the FBI, Secret Service and filed reports with The Attorney General of Florida and the Orange County Sheriff's Office. I rate this merchant negative 5 stars.

Orlando, Florida, United States #713385

In Brazil we has a consumer's police station. Is there something like this in USA???

This store is a danger!!!! Go away!!!!

Call the police!!!! :(

Orlando, Florida, United States #640719

Me estafaron! me cobraron el doble de un producto y me hicieron creer que tenia garantia internacional por eso la diferencia.

cuando consulte en Sony me respondieron que me habian mentido y que el producto solo tenia garantia en el mercado de estados unidos!

el nombre del vendedor segun dijo es Luigi Petroccelli cosa que tambien era una mentira! TE ROBAN Y ESTAFAN!

to MELISA Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #641271

Lo que yo hice fue denunciarlos *** el BBB, ademas de otras instituciones. Al final me regresaron lo que me cobraron de mas y me pidieron que quitara lo que habia publicado en internet. Si aun estas en USA llama y denuncialos ellos prestaron atencion cuando fueron llamados por el BBB. No te dejes a esta gente hay que pararla. DENUNCIALOS.


Lake Mary, Florida, United States #611761

And also one guy from french hes name sam charge me for camera w610 299.99$ and when I check the price online I found it 80.99$ ,they play with people


I also have experienced this robbery by the Four Seasons Electronics Store in Orlando on Vineland Avenue # 103. The sold me a SONY DVD player for 229.99 that is being sold on the SONY website for 79.99.

On the receipt it has all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

I dont know what to do. Can any one give me some advice.


Help this has happened to us, but we are in the UK! Same shop


After scaled it, we got some money back.


You need to contact Visa immediately and let them know about the issue and see what they can do. You can also take your items to the store, drop them off and tell them you have initiated a "chargeback" with your credit card company.

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